About Me

Hello, my name is Julia Gendina. I’m dealing with interior crocheting. I create blankets, pillows, baskets, carpets and almost everything, that will make your house incredibly cosy and sweet. Besides, I can become your teacher in crocheting. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment and what you are doing. Believe me – crocheting is really cool and not complicated at all.

How to Learn

Regardless of skills you have already got, you will be able to make any item you find at my website. Various crocheting video courses are also available at my website, so you can learn the relevant crocheting technique you are interested in. You can choose any of them to spend your free time. All my master-classes are in video format, they are detailed, perfect for beginners and allow step-by-step progress. You can buy them in «Video courses» section.

Live Meetings

What I really like is live communication. In my opinion, It’s so fascinating to meet as obsessed with handicraft people as me! Twice a month I arrange free of charge «soulmates meetings» in Moscow. We get together in a pretty nice café in the city center, we spend time eating, drinking, crocheting, talking and sharing experiences. Absolutely any person can join us. Follow updates and announcements in my social networks.